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Circular Structures

NFC Sandwich Panel Configurator (1m²)

NFC Sandwich Panel Configurator (1m²)

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Skin/ Laminate Type
Core Material
  • The standard size for all products listed here is 1m² (1000 x 1000mm). 
  • The panels are available with dimensions 2900 x 1250mm and 6000 x 2440mm
  • The Standard Core strength is 15mm- other thicknesses are available.

Your Choices, Your Panel

Looking to elevate your product with sustainable and high-performance materials? Our Sandwich Panel Configurator allows you to customize panels that perfectly fit your specific requirements. Built with Natural Fiber Composite (NFC) skins and your choice of natural or recycled core materials, these panels are not just lightweight and durable; they're a step forward in eco-conscious construction. Why Choose Our Sandwich Panels?

  • Versatility: Suited for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Eco-Friendly: Featuring plant-based resin systems, we ensure that your panels are as green as they are sturdy.
  • Advanced Properties: Depending on your chosen core material, benefit from additional insulation, sound absorption, and resistance to temperature and moisture.
  • NFC Skin Strength: Choose between Twill 2/2 (800 gsm) or Twill 2/2 + Biax Skin (1600 gsm) 
  • Core Material & Thickness: Customize the core of your panel for your unique project needs. Our range provides options that serve multiple functions.
  • Range: From ≤ 3Kg/m2; up to 100% Bio-Based

If your project requires specific materials or dimensions not listed, please don't hesitate to contact our sales support. We are committed to enabling manufacturers to exploit the full benefits—both lightweight and sustainable—of Natural Fiber Composites.

Craft your ideal panel today and take the next step towards sustainable, high-performance building!

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