Collection: NFC Laminates/ Skins

Flax Laminates/Skins: Revolutionizing Natural Fibre Composites

Flax stands out from the rest, distinct in its characteristics and demands during processing. Recognizing the challenges inherent in handling flax, we've dedicated our efforts towards pioneering the standardization and bulk production of NFC laminates.

Our cutting-edge production street has enabled us to craft laminates measuring an impressive 6 x 2.44 meters. The advantage is clear: when you opt for our laminates, you're guaranteed a product that boasts both high and consistent quality. The transformation from raw flax fabric into a resilient laminate is influenced by numerous factors, each capable of impacting the end product's performance. With our standardized process, we’ve streamlined these variables, ensuring optimal results every time.

Through our innovative approach, we're proud to have effectively addressed, if not eliminated, one of the primary obstacles in NFC adoption. Dive into the world of high-quality flax laminates with us and witness the future of sustainable composites.