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Flax Twill 2/2 Prepreg (60%)

Flax Twill 2/2 Prepreg (60%)

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2/2 Twill (Köper) Flax Fabric Prepreg with 60% Plant-Based Resin Content

Dive into a new realm of sustainable composite materials with our 2/2 Twill (Köper) Flax Fabric Prepreg. Perfectly crafted to harmonize the robustness of flax with the flexibility of a twill weave, this prepreg is the ideal choice for those aiming for top-tier performance without compromising on environmental consciousness.

Product Highlights:

  • Sustainably Crafted: This unique fabric features flax, a renewable raw material, renowned for its eco-friendly attributes. Flax not only embodies a minimal carbon footprint but also brings unparalleled mechanical properties to the mix.
  • Innovative Weave: The 2/2 Twill (Köper) weave is a hallmark of versatility. It’s known for its signature diagonal pattern, resulting in a fabric that is both visually appealing and possesses enhanced drapability, conforming smoothly to complex shapes.
  • Optimal Resin Integration: With a 60% resin content, our prepreg ensures optimal impregnation. This high resin content guarantees uniform mechanical properties, excellent adhesion, and a sleek finish in the final product.
  • Plant-Based Resin: The inclusion of partially plant-based resin amplifies the sustainability factor. This eco-resin, besides being environmentally considerate, offers superior bonding strength, ensuring a robust and durable composite.
  • Uniform Quality: Our meticulous manufacturing process ensures that each sheet of the Flax Fabric Prepreg is free from imperfections, promising a uniform finish and consistent performance.
  • Versatile Applications: From automotive components to sports equipment, its high strength-to-weight ratio and aesthetic appeal make it perfect for a multitude of applications.


  • Weave: 2/2 Twill (Köper) +/-90° Orientation
  • Fibre: Flax
  • Resin Content: 60% (Partially Plant-Based)
  • Finish: Smooth, consistent, with a natural aesthetic

Embrace the future of composites with our 2/2 Twill (Köper) Flax Fabric Prepreg. It's not just a material, but a statement – blending strength, beauty, and sustainability seamlessly. Ideal for projects that demand the best in both form and function, this prepreg is a testament to what's possible when nature meets innovation.

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