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NFC Wallbox

NFC Wallbox

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NFC Wallbox: CCC-WALLBOX Natureline

A Revolution in Sustainability: The CCC-WALLBOX Natureline redefines standards in sustainable design and efficiency. Designed with a keen focus on fair sustainability, it impressively showcases the fusion of technology and nature.

Material and Design:

  • Natural Fibre Composites: The case is crafted from Natural Fibre Composites (NFCs). Unlike conventional materials that use glass or carbon fibres, this uses reinforcing fibres made from flax.
  • Plant-based Resin: To further its commitment to sustainability, the CCC-Wallbox uses a resin partly derived from plants.
  • UV-protected Clear Coating: A clear, UV-protected finish ensures durability and showcases the beautiful natural flax fibres beneath.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Integrated Features:

    • Built-in electricity meter.
    • Backend management for charging points, accesses, company car billing, and more.
    • Load management: Dynamic load management in Master-Slave operation for up to 250 units.
    • Access control: Standardized through key switch and optionally via RFID.

  2. Optional Extensions:

    • Charging cable length: Standard 5 meters, extendable to 7 meters.
    • Modbus RTU: For external systems such as HEMS.
    • Priority setting for individual vehicles.
    • OCPP 1.5 and OCPP 1.6 compliant; additional support for JSON, SOAP, ISO 15118 PLC, Modbus, and LAN.

  3. Technical Details:

    • Rated voltage: 400 Volt (three-phase).
    • Rated current: Depending on the model, 16 or 32 Amps.
    • Integrated charging cable: Type 2 plug or Type 2 charging socket.
    • Charging power: Choose between 11 kW or 22 kW.

  4. Certifications:

    • ISO 9001: Quality Management.
    • ISO 14001: Environmental Management.
    • ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management.
    • ISO 50001: Energy Management.

  5. Casing:

    • Material: Natural Fibre Composites
    • Dimensions: H 490 mm x W 335 mm x D 175 mm.
    • Mounting: Simple wall mounting thanks to a stainless steel bracket.

Versatile Application: The CCC-WALLBOX Natureline serves as an AC charger for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It is suitable for both private use in garages and carports and larger facilities like hotel parking lots or parking garages, thanks to its flexible charging and load management.

Opt for the Natureline Wallbox for a sustainable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing charging solution.

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