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Rudi: 6m NFC Motor Boat

Rudi: 6m NFC Motor Boat

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Technical Data

Hull, Deck, and inner structure made of NFC (Natural Fibre reinforced composites)

LoA: 6,00 m
Beam: 2,00 m
Draft: 0,20 m
Displacement: 370 Kg

Developed by: GREENBOATS Technologies

NFC Sandwich (Flax/ recycled PET/ green Epoxy),
We offer a selection of Standard RAL Colors; Option: Custom Color/ RAL; Option: Oak Veneer 

Topcoat in RAL 9003 on laminated surfaces (NFC); Option: Korkstabdeck/ Cork bar deck 

Outboard Engine (not included)

Structure and Design:
Sunbathing Area: Approx. 2.7m x 1.8m in the front of the boat
Operator's Station: Strategically set forward for optimal control
Seating Area: The rear of the boat features seating suitable for a group of up to 6 people, ideal for fishing, socializing, etc.

Weight Optimization:
Battery: Positioned in the bow of the boat for weight distribution
Fuel Tanks/Batteries: Also located in the bow, tucked neatly under the sunbathing area

Storage Options:
Under-Seat Storage: Additional storage space is available under the seating areas
Bed Surface Storage: More storage options under the sunbathing/bed surface

Safety and Stability:
Double Hull: The double-bottom design provides extra buoyancy, making the boat unsinkable
Stable Ride: The boat remains level while moving, offering a stable driving style
Hull Design: Special underwater hull design allows for rapid attainment of planing

Performance and Efficiency:
Rapid Planing: The boat is designed for quick planing
Energy-Efficient: Minimal energy required to reach and maintain planing speed


Multi-Purpose: Ideal for a range of water sports activities, from wind foiling to diving
Overnight Capability: Provides the option for overnight stays under an umbrella or canopy
Entertainment: Equipped for social events, fishing, or simply enjoying a day on the water

Environmental Impact:

Sustainability: Made from environmentally friendly, natural fiber composites

Designed for end-of-life recyclability

With its unique combination of sustainability, efficiency, and versatility, Rudi is setting new standards in the world of motorboats.

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