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LINCORE® Flax Roving

LINCORE® Flax Roving

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LINCORE® Flax Roving

Product Description:

  • Composition: 100% Flax from France, Normandy
  • Structure: Flat and Untwisted

Packaging & Dimensions:

  • Format: Roving on a Reel
  • Weight per Reel: Approximately 2.5 Kg
  • Order Unit: Single Reel or Box (Contains 6 Reels)
  • Box Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 30cm


    LINCORE® Roving stands out as an untwisted roving crafted from long technical flax fibers. Designed for adaptability, it can be combined or pre-impregnated with either a thermoplastic or thermoset matrix. The application range is vast and includes pulltrusion, filament winding, fiber placement, weaving, and braiding. The content's biobased nature directly corresponds to the flax fiber rate and the matrix's biobased origin.

    Environmental Benefits

    Flax, the core component of LINCORE® Roving, brings a bouquet of environmental advantages:

    • Quick Growth Cycle: Flax is notably rapid in its growth, taking just about 100 days from seeding to the stem's maturity.
    • Sustainable Cultivation: Grown following sustainable agricultural principles, flax thrives naturally. Its cultivation demands minimal chemical intervention, especially when compared to other crops that rely heavily on chemical inputs.
    • Efficient Water Usage: One of the distinguishing features of flax is its ability to grow without the need for irrigation, promoting water conservation.
    • Crop Rotation Compatibility: Flax seamlessly integrates into the crop rotation cycle, ensuring soil fertility and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.
    • Zero Waste: Flax cultivation and processing ensure that every part of the plant finds a purpose, championing the zero-waste movement.

    With LINCORE® Roving, you are not just choosing a product. You're making a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. Embrace the future of engineering with LINCORE®.

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